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Animal welfare activists interrupt dolphin show at Mediterraneo Marine Park

(Press Release, 21/10/18) – On Sunday, October 14, 2018, there was an incident at the Mediterraneo Marine Park. Animal welfare activists from Germany with placards protested loudly against the keeping of dolphins in captivity. The dolphin show was interrupted for several minutes.

Jörn Kriebel, founder of the private initiative “Save the Ocean”, from Germany: “With this action we wanted to draw the attention of the visitors to the suffering of the dolphins, which they have to go through every day. Visitors can go home after the show, Dolphins can not!
The Mediterraneo Marine Park does not provide a suitable environment to accommodate these intelligent and freedom-loving animals. It comes to no surprise that eigth dolphins have died in this dolphinarium!
We urge the operator to give up the dolphinarium and to participate in the construction of a man-made and supervised sea bay for former show dolphins. A sanctuary for former show beluga whales is currently being built in Iceland and will open in 2019. Such a supervised bay in the Caribbean – which should arise there in the next few years – would be conceivable for the dolphins in the Mediterraneo Marine Park.
The Malta government could gain a lot of sympathy from its constituents if it decided to impose an import ban on dolphins.
Dolphinariums are no longer up-to-date nor are they widely accepted any longer. 60 out of 90 dolphinariums in Western Europe have already closed down.”

No animals were harmed during the interruption of the show, which is of great importance for the animal welfare activists. The group already attracted attention by undertaking similar protests. In the German Zoo in Duisburg, the group also interrupted a dolphin show. Most recently, in July at the Asterix Park in Paris, the entire show was cancelled due to such a protest and the public had to leave the dolphinarium. It is still unclear whether this protest at the Mediterraneo Marine Park will have legal consequences for the animal rights activists. The group has already announced that they will keep disrupting dolphin shows until the last prison for dolphins in the EU is closed.


Contact details:

Jörn Kriebel
Altenberg 5
35606 Solms – Oberbiel
Handy: +49160-8202897
Email: Save-the-Ocean@t-online.de

Save the Ocean:
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