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Caravinagre stars in the 2017 poster of Sanfermines

Caravinagre stars in the 2017 poster of Sanfermines(Press Release, 12/06/17) – Caravinagre, one of the most beloved figures of the entourage of the Giants, stars in the 2017 Sanfermin poster with the theme of “Sanfermín Mornings” after receiving 27.4 % of the votes of 5,682 people who participated in the popular voting. The designer, Maximiliano Cosatti, from Argentina, born in 1979, and who has lived in Pamplona four years,was awarded with a prize of 3.600 euros.
“Caravinagre” (called a “Kiliki) is perhaps the most popular of the entourage of the giant royal couples who dance through the streets to music, accompanied by this group of big-headed little people and is made up of six Kilikis: Barbas, Coletas, Carapatata, Napoleón, Verrugas and Caravinagre. Caravinagre has been featured three times in Sanfermin posters in the last five years (2012 and 2015).

Their strolls during the fiesta attracted the second most people – 185,000 of all ages last year. Caravinagre is, along with Verrugas, the youngest kiliki. He was “born” in 1941 in a shop in Valencia of Porta-Coeli and is one of the icons of the fiesta. With his elegant period clothes and hat and his ironic eyebrows, the vision of him this year is unusual and sweet. The creator of the poster says that he is “as tender as a stuffed toy”, waking up to another morning of the greatest fiesta in the world, filling Sanfermin with magic.

Maximiliano Cosatti has a degree in design publicity promotion and carried out his work in Argentina. In 2016 he designed a stamp that is still used, “Universo Cervantes”after being classified in first place in the II National Contest of Design of stamps “DISELLO”, organized by the mail system.

In the contest for the poster of Sanfermines 2017, there were 371 entries. Almost half of them came from Pamplona, 176 (47.44%) and 83 more from other locations in Navarra. In addition, 108 posters were received from other provinces in Spain and four from other countries.

This year´s vote which is open to those who legally live in Pamplona was carried out between April 11 and 27.

The Bull Fair Poster of 2017 by José Antonio Eslava

The Bull Fair Poster of 2017 by José Antonio Eslava

The poster that announces the bullfighting fair of Pamplona in 2017 is the work of the artist from Navarra, José Antonio Eslava, and shows the bull staring directly at the spectator.
Black is the main colour dominating the poster with some red reminding us of the bull pens where the bulls enter the plaza , the white of the horns and sun shining on the bull, according to the Casa de Misericordia of Pamplona.
José Antonio Eslava also was the creator of the poster for the Bull Fair in 1967, the only artist asked twice by the Casa de Misericordia to carry out this important task. The Casa always uses well-known artists to announce the bull fiesta of Sanfermines. Since the year 1959, the posters of the Bull Fair are kept as a treasure by the Casa. Reproductions of this year´s poster are on sale in the reception area of the Casa de Misericordia of Pamplona or on the web

Massive Attendance in the Sixth Mass of the Steps Towards Sanfermines
On the sixth of June, the Chapel of San Fermín celebrated the “sixth step” towards the fiesta which is the last stop before the fiesta.The celebration of the steps of San Fermín is an unusual countdown that begins on the first of January and advances up the steps of the calendar until the seventh of July. Ignacio Baleztena from Pamplona (1887 – 1972 ) composed the famous lyrics to the chant “First of January, Second of February, Third of March, Fourth of April, Fifth of May, sixth of July, Seventh of July San Fermín…”
This chant is sung by social groups, the Peñas, and friends during dinners every day of the steps until the fiesta. In addition to the popular celebration. Since 2010 the steps towards Sanfermines are also celebrated with a mass in the Chapel of San Fermín with jotas and music.
Those who helped with the restoration of the Chapel of San Fermín and also the press ,with motive of the 300 years since the consecration of the temple, were the protagonists of the offerings of red roses at the altar.
Patxi Pérez, president of the Association of Journalists of Navarra, representing all the media in Navarra, placed a bouquet of red roses tied with a ribbon on which was written the date of the sixth step at the feet of the image of the Saint. The parish priest, of San Lorenzo, D. Javier Leoz, spoke in his sermon of the work of journalists” before the arrival of the flood of news with Sanfermines and during the fiesta, and he asked that all things be reported – the good and the bad because journalists are like the loudspeakers of the fiesta.” In addition to representatives from the Association of Journalists of Navarra at the mass in celebration of the sixth step of the stairway to Sanfermines. A representative from the different guilds that worked on the Church of San Lorenzo in the main nave as well as on the Chapel of the Saint placed the sixth red scarf on the altar.
At the end of the sixth mass, a red flower offering was made to the saint by the parishioners who assisted the mass. An enormous crowd of people filled both the Chapel as well as the nave of the church of San Lorenzo.

The San Fermín Tómbola Has Begun to Spin
When the tómbola of Cáritas, located on the Paseo Sarasate, has begun to spin, everyone knows that Sanfermines is coming. At seven pm on May 27, 2017, this charity initiative opened to the public in its 72nd edition starting in 1945. The raffle gives out prizes from cars to brooms with money from the tickets going entirely to projects of charity. According to the Arzobispado and to Cáritas Diocesana, this year 2,300,000 tickets have been printed at a price of .80 euros each and 345,000 direct prizes, 100,000 prizes gathering together a certain number of tickets, 23 prizes by raffle and sales coupons for the value of 2,500 euros in shops in the old part of Pamplona.
Among the novelties this year are rotating drums at each sales point, a sign on one side of the Tómbola that gives information on the objectives of the raffle and different activities for children.

The Tómbola is open until July 15 from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 am to 9 pm – Monday to Thursday; Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 10 pm; Between July 6 and 14 from 9 am to 2:30 pm and from 5 pm to midnight. After July 15 and until August 18 – the date when the tickets are out-of-date, prizes will continue to be awarded in the offices of the Tómbola in 3, San Antón street. Prizes are posted on one side of the Tómbola stand and in the local newspapers, in the web site Caritas Pamplona, in the Tómbola and in Facebook and on

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