Beauty in the shadow

(D.Peterson – The Photographic Journal, 10/12/189) – Shadows: Sometimes referred to as the darker parts of our psyche, the parts less seen.

“Meet me,
Won’t you meet me here?
I just want to be seen.
Seen here,
In my truth,
In my wholeness.
Not just the strength and the happiness,
But the softness, the fear, the vulnerability, the desire.
The desire to be me,
Whole, free and alive.”

“Breaking to be reborn.
I must meet all parts of myself
To become whole
And I must be seen in this.
From here,
I can breathe more freely
I can relax into presence
Relax into life.
I can speak, move, create and love
Senses open.
This is being truly alive.”

D.Peterson – The Photographic Journal, Beauty in the shadow